Solution - Bus Intelligent Fire Fighting System (VIFS)

 The intelligent terminal of the system, which functions as monitoring and auto-controlling for the system, is installed inside vehicle dashboard. When fire occurs, the intelligent terminal analyses the signal transferred by frame detector, determines the fire area and controls the alarms at relevant area to send out acousto-optic signal. The fire fighting system and escaping system will be initiated at the same time. Through wireless signal, the real-time situations of the vehicle can be displayed on monitors at control center or screen on mobile phone. So the relevant administrative staffs or supervisors can get acquaintance with the situation promptly and according to the fire condition, choose “intelligent auto mode”, “semi-auto mode” or “manual mode” to start the fire fighting system. The fire fighting system forms a water mist into the fire and extinguish fire rapidly. The water mist has multiple functions like extinguishing fire, lowering temperature, expressing poisonous smoke, and protecting people from burning. When the system initiated, the automatic window broken device will smash windows at the same time, which can offer safe escaping routes for passengers.
Application Range:
        Bus、Passenger Vehicle、Transport Vehicle、Ship、 High-rise Building、 Railway and Subway、House, Living Room、Machinery Construction.
Product composition:Temperature sensor、Storage device for extinguishing media、 Window broken device、Water mist sprayer、Fire detector、Supervise Camera、Alarm 、Emergency switch、 Intelligent terminal.
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