In 2017, 262,000 fires were reported nationwide, 1278 people were killed and 912 injured.
There were 115,000 fires in various types of residential buildings.
There were 27,000 vehicle fires.
18,000 fires in construction sites, factories, warehouses and flammable and explosive sites
In modern society, frequent use of vehicles, aging of lines, system failures and accidents may lead to vehicle fire and burning, resulting in personal casualties and property losses. Traditional fire fighting facilities often fail to save themselves and escape from vehicle fires due to personnel hurry and complex driving environment.

At present, fire protection products still follow the concept of "civil air defense as the main part". With the new technologies such as Internet of Things and intellectualization constantly integrating into all aspects of our lives, fire protection means also need to keep pace with the times and innovate constantly.
Fire Extinguisher:
Civil air defense is the main and difficult to operate
Fire Brigade:
The Ministry of Public Security plans to enter the fire scene in 5 minutes, and the actual arrival time is more than 15 minutes.
Spray system:
High cost of pipeline facilities and limitations of system application
Vehicle fire characteristics:
Vehicle fire is often out of control in tens of seconds because of the rapid combustion of flammable materials such as gasoline and batteries. Hand-held fire fighting equipment can not be directly sprayed on the ignition point, resulting in vehicle fire has become a current fire problem.
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