Anyi Electrical and Mechanical Research and Development Team found that the gasoline flame can reach the high temperature of about 300 C in 10 seconds, accompanied by comatose poisonous smoke. In many cases, the traditional vehicle fire fighting system can not be timely and effectively dealt with. Take the most widely equipped dry powder fire extinguisher on the vehicle as an example, its raw material characteristics make the fire extinguishing powder continuously deposited during the long-term running on the vehicle. It is not suitable for fire extinguishing in passenger cabins because of its toxic and side effects.
    In view of the above difficulties, Anyi Mechatronics R&D team relies on abundant military technology accumulation, and carries out civilian R&D and design of "tank fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system", abandoning the low toxic gas fire extinguishing method adopted by the original military system, and replacing it with environmentally friendly and non-toxic low-pressure water mist fire extinguishing method. A bus intelligent fire fighting system (VIFS) is developed and designed to solve the fire problems in bus cabins.
    At present, there are 9 utility model patents, 6 notifications of acceptance of utility model patents and 8 notifications of acceptance of invention patents (technology has been made public and protected by the state). The protection covers all aspects of the company's newly developed products, as well as related application areas. The various start-up principles and nozzle design principles related to the core components of fire protection products in this field have been covered by the company's patents, and the patent layout in this field has been completed.
    Fire products must be certified by the Fire Products Qualification Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security before they can be marketed. Uncertified sales are illegal and will be punished by fire laws.
    At present, there is no applicable product standard in the fire protection industry of this product, and the product certification can only be completed through the technical appraisal of fire protection products. Technical appraisal is extremely difficult. It takes two years of long preparation from the project approved by the NDRC, EIA, core patents to the enterprise standard expert group. If the expert group does not consider that the product technology breaks through the existing fire protection product technology and is not innovative, it immediately rejects the product and no longer accepts it, which means that the project terminates immediately. At present, through three years of technical research and development, Anyi Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. has completed the fire protection type inspection of intelligent fire protection system.

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